About Our Team

Taking you from Deposition to Verdict!

Barrie Hart

CSR #6954
Barrie Hart is a California Certified Reporter with over 23 years experience. Her career has taken her from trial court to deposition and back again. She is highly skilled in handling a wide range of litigation, including highly technical chemical contamination cases, grand juries, law and motion, and felony murder trials.

Barrie is known in the courts of Marin, Napa and Sonoma County as one who is not only easy to work with, but demonstrates her professionalism by her accuracy, promptness and willingness to accept challenges. She strives to make sure that her clients have what they need, when they need it, using all the current technology, including real-time translation.

In 2010, seeing the change in the courts of California providing reporters in civil cases, Barrie saw a need and looked for a way she could fill it. She put together a team of experienced, skilled reporters, and Bay Area Trial Reporters was born.

December Moore

CSR #8718
December Moore has been a California Certified Shorthand Reporter since 1990. Since then she has worked in the courtrooms of Napa and Sonoma counties where she has reported all aspects of law, including complex, multi-party civil cases and death-penalty cases. In 2005 she expanded her reporting services to include depositions and arbitrations. December realizes that her role is not only to keep the record, but to provide it to attorneys in a way that allows them to be well-prepared for litigation, such as real-time translation, rough drafts and expedited transcripts.